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her family as their little ceo. a little boy who had just learned to ride his bike and was a wiz with numbers. today two more good-byes in a grief-stricken town having to bury 20 of its children. good afternoon. i'm jim hand. >> i i'm pat lawson muse. they are the latest in a long sorrowful procession of funerals in newtown, connecticut. today the families of jessica rekos and james mattioli laid to rest. some still grieving and others still on edge, students returned to school today for the first time since last week's massacre. heartache and hard good-byes for residents of the small connecticut community. >> they are trying to work through the difficulty of burying more than would dozen innocent victims. nbc's jay gray joins us now live from newtown with the latest today. jay? >> reporter: you are absolutely
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right. another rough day here as you have described today. first graders from sandy hook elementary gathering to bury two more of their classmates while students at other schools here went back to class for the first time since the tragedy. the pain of saying good-bye has become a part of every day now in newtown. this grieving community buried two more first graders today. jessica rekos loved horses and asked santa for cow girl boots and a hat for christmas. a first born, she liked to plan and organize so much her family called her their ceo. james mattioli, nicknamed jay, loved sports on his ipad. early riser. he usually ended the day cuddled up on the couch next to his mom. there are so many here holding one another tight right now unable to sthak the horror. for jean ro . >> they kept saying that -- one of the boys said he had a big gun and a little gun.
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i -- i -- i could not fathom what they were talking about. >> reporter: he found the boys huddled in his yard after they ran past the gunman to escape. >> they were very upset. and i -- the two boys just start talking. hi no idea what happened. they said, we can't go back to the school. we can't -- we can't go back to the school because our teacher is gone. >> reporter: students in newtown did go back to school today except for those from sandy hook elementary. every campus opened with extra security and grief counselors on hand. parents, like rebecca, whose 7-year-old wrestled with one of jake pinto, says it is tough but it is time. >> i don't think you are ever ready to send your child back to school after something like this happens. >> reporter: most here understand normal means something very different now.
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what can really be normal when you are talking about burying 6 and 7-year-old kids here? tomorrow victoria soto, one of the teachers that gave her life protecting her students will be the first adult laid to rest. jim, pat, back to you. >> what do we know about when or where the students from sandy hook will go back to class? >> reporter: we know where for sure. they will all go to a school in monroe which is just six, seven miles from here. some of the furniture from the unaffected classrooms at sandy hook elementary has been moved to that facility to prepare for them when they do show up. when is a much more difficult question. and right now, the district will only say that is a work in progress. they are consulting with child psychologists. they are consulting with families of the survivors and say they are not going to press this but whatt is right they think it is important that these kids are back and that they are back together. >> all right. nbc's jay gray.
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jay, thanks so much. maryland governor o'malley hopes to take action to help prevent mass shootings like the one at sandy hook elementary. o'malley says he believes everyone has been changed by th introduce new legislation. the details haven't been worked out yet but governor o'malley says could it focus on laws related to assault weapons, mental health, and school safety. stay with news4 and for continuing coverage of the tragedy at sandy hook. the impact that the shootings are having across the country and here in our area. at 4:30 we will discuss the nation's mental health crisis and what is stopping many vulnerable people from getting the help they need. now the story of a journalist's ordeal that nearly ended in tragedy for our network. nbc nbc news corporate den richard engel is speaking for the first time since syrian kidnappers released him and his production team. bullets were flying as they made their escape overght in the
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middle of a fire fight along the northwestern boarder with turkey. this started last thursday when the news team crossed into syria from turkey. engel says at least a dozen gunmen jumped out of the reese and captured them. engel believes the kidnappers were part of syrian president al assad's regime which has been struggling to stay in power in the face of a rebel uprising twins 2011. engel described what happened after the ambush. >> reporter: they kept us blindfolded, bound, we weren't physically beaten orator toured. it was lot of psychological torture, threats of being killed, the -- kidnappers saw this checkpoint, started -- a gunfight and two of the kidnappers were killed. we climbed out of the vehicle and the rebels took us. >> my family, my brother, my parents, my wife. when we were preede yesterday,
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rescued by the rebels, one of the happiest moments of my life. >> nbc news says it had no contact with the news team during that ordeal and no contact with the kidnappers. andrea mitchell will join us with more on this and more on the dangers that correspondents face in the middle east coming up on "news4 at 5:00." we are following a developing story now. the accused slasher is being extradited to the u.s. from peru. he attacked several young women at shopping malls in fairfax with a boxcutter. he was arrested near a shopping mall in peru in january. since then the u.s. fought to have him returned here. none of the victims were seriously hurt. 13 days to go now million the fiscal cliff deadline and will is new progress to report today. president obama and house speaker john boehner now agree on a tax hike for the very rich. there's a but. steve had an dels smndelsman sa
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not on agreement on who constitute it is very rich. >> that's right. that's the hang-up. the original obama plan to tax -- raise the tax rates on all americans making $250,000 or more a year, that's gone. now the hang-up is which americans would it be? those making a million dollars or more a year or a far larger group making $400,000? >> what do between want? >> reporter: protesters came to the capitol demanding republicans agree the tax hikes on the top 2% of americans. the original obama plan that he campaigned on. but speaker john boehner is pushing a new compromise to these calling plan b. taxes on the wealthiest 1% would go back to the clinton era rate of almost 40% on mcover -- over
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million. >> our plan b would protect american taxpayers who make a million dollars or less and have all of their current rates extended. >> reporter: but president obama says not good enough. his new proposal is to hike taxes on earnings over $400,000 and cut spending an additional $1.2 trillion. the white house says boehner ought to buy that. >> it seems like folly to walk away from that opportunity because you don't want to ask somebody making $995,000 a year to pay a dime more in income taxes. >> reporter: briefed by boehner at the capitol, some republicans said the speaker is going too far. agreeing to raise tax rates on anyone. >> i hate it. i hate it. >> once you have -- once you cross that line and say, like, some people, it is okay for some people's tax tows go up, i think it is -- i think it is a mistake important the republican party. >> reporter: most republicans realize the top rate will rise. period. >> but beyond that, i tell you, we just got to get more cuts.
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>> reporter: democrats say just got to get tax hikes on more of the rich. the deal avoid the fiscal cliff can still get spoiled by the disagreements over taxes and spending. i'm steve handelsman, news4, live from capitol hill. the presidential inaugural committee announced details about the national prayer service. lit take place on tuesday, january 22. the day after president obama's inauguration. the prayer service will start at 10:30 in the morning at the national cathedral. it is a tradition that dates tall way back to george washington. the religious leaders from around the country are expected to participate. attendance at that time prayer service is by invitation only. it will also be streamed online. >> get ready for a big boom during the holiday travel rush. more than 2 million people in the washington area plan to travel. aaa tells us that more than 90% of them plan to drive. that's a good reason to consider when you are leaving and when you will return if you a one of them. if the projections are true,
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that will be the highest volume of travel in the past ten years. the survey considers the holiday raffle period to last between december 22 to january 1. taking a live look outside right now. good day to travel by air. lots of sunshine and blue skies but don't expect it to last, folks. >> yes. let's head to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer to find out what's next. >> we told you we got a lot to talk about thisweek. yesterday was the clouds, fog, shower activity. today it is the very warm temperatures and the wind. wind gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour. but the temperatures are upwards of 60 degrees. a little earlier right now 55 degrees at the airport. winds out of the west-northwest at 20 miles an hour with the gusts at 25. take a look at the numbers around the region. 40s back to the west. 47 in martinsburg. 46 in winchester. still 60 towards fredericksburg. temperature of 59 degrees. we do have the cooler air starting to move in. you can see on the sat light and radar, you probably saw shower
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or two around your area. we did see a shower move through a little bit earlier but that's really it. now that you are seeing partly cloudy skies and that's what we will see important the rest of the evening. lou your night tonight let's head down in towards georgetown and thinking about getting out and doing walking around jrnlg town. not a bad night to do it. i think your temperature around 50 degrees at 7:00. 47 by 11:00. not too cold. just breezy and waking up to a very mild temperature of 40 tomorrow. once again, above average tomorrow. but bottom will drop out. i will show you when coming up in my forecast. the mistress of general david petraeus won't pace any federal cyber stalking charges. the justice department said it is dropping an investigation into whether paula broadwell stalked another woman online. >> she was the official biographer of david petraeus. weeks ago found herself at the center of a national scandal. it was broadwell who allegely
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sent harassing e-mails to tampa socialite jill kelley. the fbi started a cyber stalking probe that traced the e-mails back to broad well and led to the admission of an affair with former cia director david petraeus. still to be determined why broadwell had classified information on her computer. law enforcement officials say it is unlikely she will face criminal charges over that issue either. petraeus stepped down as cia director early last month. he has denied giving broadwell any classified documents. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. when we come back on "news4 at 4:00," a man in a wheelchair plummets off the side after subway platform. what had ans next is an amazing story. >> is celebrity inspiration for holiday parties. we will tell you how to look like a hollywood fashionista without breaking the bank. ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ this girl is on fire >> did alicia keys steal part of her hit? we will let you hear the
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similarities to a classic song so you can decide for yourself.
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one of the most popular families from reality tv is out with their annual holiday photo. nick snapped this one of the kardashian clan. this year kim, khloe, couand th rest of the gang decided on all white. they cheated a bit. khloe admitted some of them had
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to be photo shopped in because of scheduling conflicts. if you like you can look like kim kardashian at holiday parties this year. whether your budget allows to you splurge or forces to you hunt for a bargain. nbc's mike wilbur shows us red carpet looks that don't break the bank. >> if you are going to a christmas party, like -- sparkle it up. wear whatever you want. it is fun. >> reporter: we are showing you four star worthy dresses you can wear to any holiday bash and they are automatic under 75 bucks. here's some celebrity looks you can glam up in and have money leftover for this thrifty december line we have a sequin number from burlington coat factory. it is $29.99. i paired it with a blazer and some little booties. to make algts bit -- a little bit more. >> reporter: style expert lindsey shows a more affordable
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option. >> it is $63. keep it simple like i have done here. we just did a nice simple earring. and then some cuffs and a sleek, sexy shoe. white is perfect for the holidays because it is crisp and bright without having to actually wear a bold color. this is by foreign exchange and it is $42. my biggest tip is that you make sure that your undergarments are nude. >> reporter: metallic is also a hot holiday look. >> here we have a dress that's $49. >> reporter: also add a pop of color. mike wilbur, nbc news. >> here's a final tip from fashion designer michael coors. he says you can trade in your little black dress for holiday parties and replace that with a little red dress. he says to pair the dress with accessories that are not red in order to keep your look chic. >> she is a girl on fire but singer/songwriter alicia keys is now under some legal fire over
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her hit single. ♪ nobody knows ♪ it is a lonely world >> those lyrics you just heard in keys' song are the basis of a new copyright infringement lawsuit against her and sony. songwriter earl schuman claims part of the song sounds way too similar to a composition he wrote which became the hit song "hey there lonely girl" back in the '70s. take a listen. ♪ hey there lonely girl ♪ lonely girl >> schuman claims keys used his music as an uncredited sample. but there are questions online about how far the lawsuit can go. according to the hollywood reporter the suit's main argument is that a music blogger noticed the similarities between the songs. all right. >> we like them both. >> a strain to hear that. >> strain, strain.
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>> interesting. >> very inniteresting to us. the weather is interesting for december. >> amazing. yesterday's record high temperature in the low 60s. today i looked it up. we are at 61 at noon. today's record high is actually 74. we are nowhere near record but it is warm out there. it was really simply gorgeous across the region. the winds did come in, winds gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour. we did see a couple of light showers as they made their way in and around the metro region but those showers have since moved off towards the east and now we are just seeing the cooler air start to move in. notice i said cooler and not colder. that will move in later this week. out there now current temperature, 55 degrees. winds out of the west at 20 miles an hour. locking at partly cloudy skies. not the rain that we are looking at just about two hours ago. 50 degrees in leesburg. 45 in winchester. 43 in cumberland. that's where the colder air is. still near 60 in fredericksburg. our numbers will be going down oar the next couple of hours as they normally would this time of evening. they will go down a little bit
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quicker. temperatures tonight, though, won't be all that cold. look at the wind gusts. upwards of 25. 26 in gaithersburg. 30 back towards hagerstown and 24 in winchester. we have seen gusts over 30 throughout the afternoon. those will come down a little bit throughout the rest of the evening. we will continue to see rather breezy conditions. as far as the vein concerned no rain. once again we did see a few showers that moved on through. those have since moved on and at months fear starting to dry out just a little bit. as we lose that daytime heating. here are those showers. right there. see them. over towards the atlantic and move through very, very quickly. you can also see the clouds moving on lou here. we have a lot of clouds back towards the west. as a matter of fact, we are going to see some snow. not for our region. we are talking about back towards garrett county, maryland. that area under a winter storm watch. for us rather breezy and mild. that's what we saw out there today. tomorrow the whole system moves off. breeze kind of calms down here. we stay on the mild side tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. tomorrow, your wednesday, nice day. i think tomorrow will be the
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last nice day that i see for at least the next week to maybe would weeks because then we will start getting on the colder side. by thursday we will start to he the next system move in. by friday, thursday afternoon we will see plenty of cloud cover. temperatures will be a little bit cooler but still not cold by any means. still well above average on thursday. the cold air moves in on friday. and, boy, is friday going to be cold. talking about wind chills in the 30s all day long. this evening, few clouds, breezy, mild. turning cooler but not cold. as you move on through the next couple of days, this is what you can expect. 51 degrees on your thursday. late rain into overnight thursday, 44 on friday. 44 on saturday. wind chills in the 30s both days. still cool as we head into next week. next possible storm comes in next tuesday. temperatures around 48 degrees. we go from the 50s to the 40s. and looks like we stay there, guy. >> all right. thank you, doug. still ahead, big changes to the rules of the road. why d.c. drivers are putting the pedal to the metal.
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♪ >> tonight is the night a star will be born. who is the favorite to win
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coming up a 13-year-old girl gets her christmas wash. we will tell you about the unprecedented change she helped
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♪ in just a few hours, we will find out who america has picked to be this season's winner of nbc's hit show "the voice." the three finalists all perfect formed last night and all of them asked for america's vote. >> former contestants also took to the stage to pay tribute to the victims of the connecticut school tragedy. nbc's stephanie stanton is live in l.a. right now with a preview of tonight's big two-hour season finale. stephanie? >> reporter: yes, indeed. yesterday the show started on an emotional somber note with that tribute to the connecticut shooting victims. well, tonight, in just a few hours, we will learn the winner of "voice." it all comes down to these three finalists. the rocker, the soul man, and
4:26 pm
the pop country queen. so will we see a woman win this thing for the very first time? it is all up to america. ♪ it won't be long >> reporter: for the finalists last night's show was unlike any other before. >> i admit, it was a different vibe. >> reporter: the finale began with coaches and singers uniting for a tribute to the victims of the connecticut school shooting. >> the mood was very somber and had to get the game face on. >> reporter: nick', that meant delivering positive energy. >> all the more reason to shine brighter, tall more reason to be who we came here to be. ♪ >> reporter: pop rock took a back street to country for cassidy hopes three perfect form answers last night. ♪ cry was just little >> reporter: including faith hill's hit "cry." >> i sang a song i loved since i
4:27 pm
was a kid and -- i feel like the genre that that song is is so perfect for what i want to do. >> reporter: for terry mcdermott -- ♪ >> reporter: it was more retrorock, including an a aerosmith duet. >> i feel like i went out on a good note. we will see what america wants. >> reporter: and if it is not nicholas david, he's more than prepared. >> i have never looked at it like a competition. i have looked at it as an opportunity of a lifetime and experience of a lifetime. >> reporter: and for tonight's winner of "the voice," life may never be the same. tonight's two-hour final write will feature big celebrities who will be performing duets with the contest apartments, terry with peter program ton and cassidy pope and smokey robinson will be singing with nicholas david. again, in just a few hours, we will see the show begin. it is going to be an extravaganza, big night here on
4:28 pm
"the voice." we are back stank at the red carpet. i'm stephanie stanton. back to you. >> this is it. all right. what we have been waiting for. >> thanks, stephanie. and you can watch "the voice" finals starting at 9:00 tonight on nbc 4. and still to come this afternoon on news4, announcement that has instagram users threatening to quit. why you might see your personal photos being used in advertisements. the tragedy in connecticut leads to a discussion about a mental health crisis in this country. why the most troubled people
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welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim handly. i'm pat lawson muse. nbc news correspondent richard engel and his production team are safe again after escaping from syrian kidnappers in the middle of a fire fight last night. the kidnappers ambushed the journalists after they crossed the border between turkey and syria last thursday. engel says they were blindfolded and were repeatedly threatened. the news team credits rebel forces helping them escape and get back to turkey. president obama and house speaker boehner may be moving closer to an agreement that would prevent the nation from barrelling over that so-called fiscal cliff. 13 days from now.
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boehner acknowledged today that the tragedy in newtown, connecticut, has had an effect on the talks. he said had is not the time, in his words to put americans through more stress. the newtown community today said farewell to two more young victims. family and friends helped funerals for first graders james mattioli and jessica rekos. school resumed for other students in newtown. it is unclear at this time when or where the sandy hook students will go back to classes. it is still unclear whether the shooter in the sandy hook massacre suffered from a mental illness but the issue has become part of the conversation about what could have possibly gone wrong. erika edwards has more now on how that's being addressed. >> reporter: here's the one thing no one can explain. why? it is a question asked many times. after columbine and aurora, colorado, movie theater shootings. even parents used to dealing with troubled children have no answers. >> i'm the mother of a mentally
4:33 pm
ill son. >> reporter: liza is writing about her own experiences went viral after the connecticut shootings. a byproduct of a country desperate for insight into the mentally unstable. >> i love my son but he terrifies me. >> reporter: according to the child mind institute in new york less than half of the 15 million children and teens with a psychiatric disorder get any kind of professional help. to that point, there was no official mental health diagnosis for adam lanza. there is no known record of psychiatric care for him. most are not prone to violence. but once stumbling block to care is stigma. >> in the united states, we treat diseases from the neck up differently than we do the rest of the body. >> reporter: then there's lack of access to qualified child psychiatric care. something most schools are not equipped to handle. >> many parents who are struggling with children who have very severe behavioral or emotional symptoms go to
4:34 pm
emergency rooms. emergency rooms are a band-aid. >> reporter: child psychiatrists say insurance reimbursement rates are low. >> there are many psychiatrists in private practice who want to see more patients but who are unable to because of the reimbursement system. >> reporter: this combination of issues led to a collective wringing of his hands. the violence led to a sharp us focus on how to get the professional help to those that need it. erika edwards, nbc news. >> stay with us for more on therage i did at sandy hook. coming up tonight at 5:00, students at a local university come together in support of the victims. the small school district that is already arming teachers as part of their plan to protect students. america's most wanted deadbeat dad is in custody after a decade on the run. today u.s. marshals captured robert sand at the los angeles international airport. court records show he owes more than $1 million in child
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support. sand is from the nassau county, new york, area. he has lee children from two marriages. police say he began hiding from authorities in 2002. first in florida and then in thailand. he was finally caught while trying to enter the philippines without a proper i.d. scheduled to be arraigned in new york next month. today drivers in d.c. can put a little more pedal to the metal. why the decision, patricia, was made. here we go, to increase the speed limit. >> reporter: new york avenue, one of the businessiest roads in and out of the district, the speed limit unchanged until now until now. a pla known for speed cameras. >> i know how to get by them. keep the speed limit down. >> reporter: at mid might tuesday the changes were
4:36 pm
official. using speed camera day tag vdot was able to conclude the speed limit on four of the roads could be increase. >> governor determined it was not a hazard to raise it, then i think it is great. get the traffic flow moving better. >> reporter: many of the drivers we talked to said any increase is better than no increase but it left some other drivers wanting more. since the speed limit increase across the power roads was by five miles an hour. >> i think that they should go up more than five miles an hour to get -- people better result. i mean, sometime you are in a rush and you do speed a little bit. >> reporter: where are we talking? on new york avenue, the increase comes between the maryland line and bladensburg road. both southeast and westbound. on bladensburg road from 17th streets in new york avenue, on north capitol street from michigan avenue to heirwood road. canal road, foxhall to chain bridge road. >> people do not drive the speed limit anyway. i'm concerned about accidents. >> reporter: this isn't the first time speed limits have
4:37 pm
increased in the district. earlier this month interstate 295 saw the rise in the posted speed limit. the speed camera debate has been on a hot topic for a very long time in the district. you take a look at westbound new york avenue you will see the speed camera off in the distance. that's one of the highest grossing speed cameras in the district. last year $5.4 million. that may change next year as the speed limit on new york avenue has gone up five miles an hour. more on the speed limit changes including more reaction from drivers who use these roads. coming up in a live report on "news4 at 5:00." well, the easy bake oven will come soon in a boy-friendly color next fall. thanks to a new jersey teenager. 13-year-old mckenna pope launched a petition drive for hasbro toys to manufacture the ovens in colors other than pink and purple. the effort was inspired by her 4-year-old brother who likes to bake but did not want to use
4:38 pm
something he perceived to be a girl toy. pope collected 44,000 signatures and the backing of celebrity chefs. will they are. yesterday she met with hasbro executives and they told her they will offer a silver ask black version of the easy bake oven coming up, again in the fall. >> girls might like that color, too. >> true. very true. still ahead the high-tech way thieves can steal your credit card info as quickly as you can fill up your tank. the redskin who traded burgundy for a jolly red suit. you have to see how they
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♪ coming up on "news4 at 5:00,"
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the nra has just made its first statement since the tragedy at sandy hook. it says, quote the national rifle association of america is made up of 4 million moms and dads, sons and daughters and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in newtown. out respect for the families and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. the nra is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again, end quote. the organization had been noticeab noticeably quiet including on social media after news of the shooting broke friday. here is warning. the next time you fill up at the pump. police say thieves are using new
4:42 pm
technology to steal credit card information when you pay through for your gas. authorities say they are putting blue tooth enabled card skim others the pumps. they install them by using standard keys that open up a majority of gas pumps across the country. from there, they use blue tooth technology to access data in a man matter of seconds, from up to 100 yards away. >> it will stay on a few days and come back and take it off. unless we discover that in the meantime, the gas pump owner, operator, would never know it was even on there. >> police say one way to protect yourself is to use cash. you should also use a credit card rather than an atm card because they usually offer better fraud protection. >> from our what will they think of next file today. coming up next on "news4 at 4:00," a man left helpless after his wheelchair plummets off the side of a one say plat form. the two things that might have saved his life. what's the latest our weather? >> take a look at this shot.
4:43 pm
sun going down the next five minutes in is our camera on top of the national -- gaylord hotel. looking good out there right now. beautiful shot of that sunset. we will talk more about the
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
a week to go before christmas. washington players are getting into spirit. >> they gave out thousands of
4:46 pm
toys to underprivileged children. they have teamed up with santa and the marines to put together a winning play. >> reporter: the locker room at fedexfield has been completely transformed into the skins' santa shop. lots of elves working hard to make the holiday special for very special kids. ♪ it is the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> reporter: was'twas the week before christmas. this t gifts were lined up by the lockers with care, skateboards, dolls were all there. >> i can't wait. >> reporter: the children were thrilled, ready to see the skins santa shop, what gifts could there be? >> baseball bat. >> reporter: the marines and the players, lorenzo alexander and his santa hat, handing out more than a thousand presents, one of
4:47 pm
this and two of that. >> to be out here and see the kids' face light up and on the parents as well. just a great feeling. great. you know, really what christmas is about. >> i feel honored to do it. >> reporter: out in the hall there are rows, a clatter, doug worthington sprang from the room to see what was the matter. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: another group of kids excited to pick their very own christmas package, one perfect gift. >> always good to give back. puts smiles on people's faces. >> reporter: this is the seventh year the redskins teamed up with toys for to the. they will distribute to kids in our area to more than 100,000 kids. santa is a busy guy and sometimes he needs a little extra help. >> i like that. redskins, better than reindeer. >> absolutely. we had a pretty nice sunset, doug. >> very nice sunset. actually sun going down even as we speak.
4:48 pm
take a look at that. behind me you can see we are talking about the mice orange hue. 55 degrees, nice. nice evening across the region. getting out and about tonight, tonight may the good night to do it. winds gusting upwards of 20 to 25 miles per hour. that's going to be the case throughout the rest of the evening. around the metro region, 46 in gaithersbu gaithersburg. 50 in reston. 53 towards warrenton. everybody mice and mild this afternoon. after we saw that front move lou, temperatures normally behind the cold front go down. in this case, they went right back up. high temperature today is 61 degrees. little earlier. we have a mixture of clouds coming across the region. but we will see those clouds give way to mostly clear skies tonight. we will just call it partly cloudy and mostly clear. move on through the might tonight. down to 40 in washington. 32 in frederick. 32 in winchester. little bit after breeze. that will help keep temperatures up a little bit. once again, the average low, about 22 in frederick and 32 in washington. you can see where way above that.
4:49 pm
tomorrow afternoon right whack into the 50s. once again, a very mild afternoon. partly sunny skies. all day long tomorrow really looking like a nice day. i think that will be the last really nice day we see because over the next couple of days, the big changes come on thursday. clouds move in. rain moves in late thursday. maybe even a few thunderstorms here. on friday, 44 degrees. i wouldn't be surprised to see a few snow flurries or snow shower or would move in, areas to the west. saturday, high of 44. rather windy and we stay cool on through the weekend and early next week. including on christmas. >> all right. thank you, doug. just ahead on "news4 at 4:00," shop around the clock. extreme measures some stores are taking to woo customers during the holiday season. >> and your personal photos used for advertising. new announcement from instagram that has users outraged. ♪ i'm wendy rieger. just ahead at 5:00, the debate over whether someone could have
4:50 pm
stopped the school shooter in sandy hook. we found the school that allows teachers to carry guns in the classroom. good news in prince george's county. major crime is down. county's top cop has theories about why that is happening. whether the d.c. parking meeter is red, white or blue doesn't matter where you park if you are handicapped. we are going to sort out the confusion at
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
good news if you are a procrastinator. toys "r" us will stay open 24 hours on the days leading up to the christmas. the store will be open from 6:00 a.m. on december 21 until 10:00 p.m. christmas eve. macy's is also planning to stay open 24 hours to help you out. some nordstrom's and targets will be extending their hours next week. most walmarts are already open 24 hours. announcement from the new owners of instagram has many users saying they will walk away from the ultra popular app. facebook which bought instagram earlier this year says it has the right to use and sell users' photographs without paying them or telling them. new privacy policy is set to begin on january 16. users cannot opt out unless they completely delete and deactivate their sustain gram accounts. late this afternoon, instagram posted a note on facebook saying it has heard the questions and
4:54 pm
concerns and will have more to say on the matter very soon. lot of talk out there on that. >> yes, indeed. coming up next a rescue on the rails. we will tell you how stepped in to save his life. for all your news follow news4 online. search nbc washington on pace
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
rescue on the rails. a man in a wheelchair fell on to the subway tracks in atlanta but
4:57 pm
help was soon on the way. melissa long spoke to the police officer who jumped right in. >> reporter: it started just like any other day at the busiest station. but at 10:27 last monday morning -- >> lot of noise and commotion. >> reporter: a rider fell on to the tracks at five points. you were upstairs when this happened? >> i was on the plaza. i heard the commotion. >> reporter: senior marta officer rushed to the eastbound lane and found a disabled man on the tracks. >> he said somehow he lost control of his wheelchair. >> reporter: the surveillance video shows the rider's wheelchair lurched forward, stopped, and then go over on to the tracks. >> because of the speed that he was -- able to clear the railing and land in the middle. >> reporter: but he landed face down. the heavy wheelchair on top of the rider. >> my big concern is that it was wheelchair, about 500 pounds.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: the officers didn't have much time. >> i just jumped down to the track. >> reporter: another officer ran to cut power. 750,000 volts of electricity to keep the next train from speeding into the station at 40 miles an hour. the officer reassured the 52 year owed man that the ems crews were on the way. >> rescue was coming. just stay with me. >> reporter: the 7-year member of the team is humble. he is just doing his job. >> we are glad to try to help and do whatever we can. >> the man in that wheelchair was taken to the hospital. he is listed in stable condition today. a georgetown student is not only mourning the loss of the children killed at sandy hook elementary, she's mourning the loss of her mother who was one of the first killed. >> after days of silence, the national rifle association today makes its first statement on the tragedy within the last half hour. >> nbc's richard engel and his crew are free tonight after talking about surviving a fire
4:59 pm
fight and kidnapping in syria. we begin with more heartache and good-byes in newtown. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. today in that tiny connecticut town, an attempt at a return to normalcy for some. most of the students in newtown returned to school today for the first te since last friday's tragedy. at those schools, there is added security and as a precaution. the returning students did not include the elementary school students from sandy hook. no official word on when they will go back. >> the sandy hook community remains in mourning as it says good-bye to two more of the young, young victims. john mattioli and jessica rekos were laid to rest today. mattioli was said to love sports, love math, french toast, and cuddling with his mother. rekos loved horses and she liked to plan so much that her family called her their ceo. >> on the investigation side tonight we are learning more about the weapons used in that deadly

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